Minimalist living and motherhood makes a great combo

by - May 06, 2017

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My youngest, Nuwayrah, is 1 year 8 months now and I cherish this moment so much because she was born when her sister, Nusaybah, was the same age as her now. I kinda pitty Nusaybah for not getting enough attention and TLC from me in her first two years of life. How couldn't I feel so? I was stuck with postpartum depression ever since she was born, then got pregnant with Nuwayrah when she was 11 months. She definitely didn't have a great babyhood experience with me. 

Learning my lesson, I try to cherish every single thing about Nuwayrah. And I have been trying to love my both girls unconditionally despite me scolding and yelling and nagging at them. To be perfectly honest, setting my heart on them wasn't that easy until recently when I started to go through therapy sessions. Alhamdulillah I'm very happy with my life today. Yes, I do get tired with the chores every now and then, but I'm getting the hang of it. I'm conforming to the routine and I'm able to accept that our house is another workplace for me, apart from my real workplace at uni. 

Yes dudes, for us moms, the house is our workplace. We ain't see the house as home like you. 

And speaking of yelling, chores, and workplace, we managed to dismantle our bed today on this divine Saturday after contemplating our abilities for years. We thought the bed was tightly screwed and the woods are real thick. But to our surprise, it was easy as and I am proud to live motherhood the minimalist way, as they call it. Who set the name anyway? 

Why the trouble to dismantle? 

Because Nuwayrah has reached the stage where I can leave her play with her sister while I pray or having some time for myself. That's a tremendous achievement for her Alhamdulillah but that also means that she tends to climb and jump and run just like her sister, without knowing the risks behind it. In other words, things are getting less secure when we have (pretty excessive) furniture in the house and we need space for them to jump around.  

So we disassembled our bed and live with the mattress. The girls could happily play together and Ibu has found her peace of mind. For those who plan to live on your own and ready to start a family, I'd really suggest you to reconsider buying furniture because you would want to have ample spot for your children to play and grow in the safest environment possible. 

Okay, that's all I wanted to share. Hoping that this post bring a better perspective about your motherhood journey. Have a great weekend y'all! 

p/s: I'm still marveled that we finally got rid of the freaking bed. Otherwise, it'd be a struggle keeping my eyes on them when they jump on it.  Haha =D 

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